I dump random posts that may be too much for Twitter due to rambling, ranting, or stuff with a limited audience here. These posts are shorter and not as thought-out as normal blog posts and may not actually have a point.

  • NetBSD Kernel Programming Links July 23, 2021

    Note: this was originally in an old blog I used to have where my focus was on NetBSD stuff. I think I’m going to get back into it, too.

    NetBSD Provided

    Device Drivers

  • Violent Fungus C2 Github Available July 11, 2021

    I had the GitHub private repository for Violent Fungus closed source with the intention of open sourcing it once closer to a 1.0 release. However, I just decided to do it now and get it over with. 

    I was entertaining the idea of keeping it closed source once, but there’s no point. It is written Qt 5 C++, I’m not spending that kind of money, and there’s no market. 

    It is simply a learning project that may be useful to some people once it is completed. I think it will be competitive once it is done. 

    You can find it on GitHub here.

    It still has at least 8 months of development remaining, and I am still unsure what I’m going to do for a front-end. Will deal with that after I have a back-end completed.

  • “Shut Up And Hack” Stickers Available! July 09, 2021
    Shut up and hack sticker smaller text 1500x750 Recovered

    This design is available as a sticker for purchase! This is because so many of you were asking me about it, and I made it available for you. 

    All profits (any money I get from the sales) are going to the OpenBSD Foundation. I originally heard the phrase from OpenBSD, and it means a lot to me. It is what I need to do! They do a ton of good work for all of us and do it for free or donations. 

  • Twitter Banner: Shut Up And Hack July 08, 2021
    Twitter banner color borders shut up and hack2

    PSD is available for download here. It includes junk from the previous post, Photoshop Experiment: Nested Drop Shadows For A Retro Effect.

  • Photoshop Experiment: Nested Drop Shadows For A Retro Effect July 08, 2021

    The PSD is available for download here. Simply select the font layer and change the text, and the drop shadows will reapply.  

    It is using the Bratsy Script font, available for free download here.

  • MarsEdit is Incredible July 06, 2021

    MarsEdit is incredible macOS software for working on a WordPress site (if XML-RPC is enabled). It is a native WYSIWYG program that allows you to create, edit, delete, and view all your WordPress content remotely without using the website interface. 

    MarsEdit Post Edit/Create Window

    Check it out MarsEdit 4.

  • Personal Software Projects Are Liberating: Do What You Want July 06, 2021

    The exciting thing about working on your software projects is that you don’t need anyone’s permission or approval for anything you want to do within your project. So when other people tell what you should do, even folks that are much more experienced and knowledgeable than you, you can feel free to use it or ignore it. You can do whatever you want without their approval, or you can use all of it to make your project better.

    You get to decide which and what direction you want to take. You get to decide what technologies are used and how they’re used. You are free to make your own mistakes, learn from them, experiment, and play with new things that may not be appropriate (based on other people’s opinions). You can consider anyone’s feedback their opinion and do what you want.

    You are free to do whatever it is you want, and that is incredibly liberating!

    For my Violent Fungus C2 project, I am using the Qt toolkit/library and C++ for the server and perhaps even the UI (not sure yet). So I get to pick what I enjoy or want to work on for my reasons, even if they’re considered a bad call by everyone else.

    I’m not building a software empire or even looking to sell ViolentFungus. However, if I get so worried about what others think, I’ll never enjoy working on the project and likely never ship a 1.0 release.

    The joy of coding and working on a project for the long term is super important. Of course, the best objectively technical solution may be optimal, but what does it matter if 1.0 never ships?

  • Qt C++ Is Pretty Cool July 05, 2021

    I’m really enjoying coding in C++ with Qt in Qt Creator. It is intuitive and does so many awesome things in a portable way. It is almost like a scripting language. It just takes care of so much, and I can worry about solving the actual problems. 

    I recently decided to move from coding my Violent Fungus C2 server in C with Glib to Qt C++. I’ll ship a 1.0 much faster, the executable size will still be small, and it will work on multiple platforms and architectures with minimal to no code changes.

    Note: I’m not doing too much non-Qt C++ yet, but whatever I do will be minimal as appropriate.