My name is Chris Humphries. Some of my hacker friends call me “sog.” This is my personal website, where I blog about hacking and security research work.

I work as a penetration tester. Previously I worked as a Linux/BSD sysadmin, AWS architect/admin, DBA, and polyglot programmer.

I’ve had a GNU/Linux or BSD (OpenBSD, NetBSD, or FreeBSD) as my main workstation since about 1995. As of 2020, I switched to macOS with a MacBook Pro laptop. However, my servers are still GNU/Linux and OpenBSD.

What’s Going On

In my free time, I work on getting better at hacking things, being a better pentester, and dream of being a good reverse engineer, malware author (research only), and NetBSD/OpenBSD kernel programmer. I’ll get there!

For 2021, I’m working on my professional goals for the year, which are basically Windows network hacking and C2 programming.

Certifications and Awards

Continued Learnings Timeline/Goals


  • Writing my own C2 software as a learning project to learn coding a C2 and application services from scratch, obtain intimate knowledge of how C2 software works, and ultimately get better at C programming.
  • Learning Windows Network and Active Directory attack and defense on a micro and hands-on level to fill gaps in my penetration testing knowledge.


  • Get good at x86/x86-64, ARM 32-bit, and ARM 64-bit assembly and reverse engineering.
  • Working on n-day and 0-day exploits for binaries, firmware, and kernels.
  • Work to get CVEs?!

What I Like

  • Unix-like operating systems and kernels, with OpenBSD and NetBSD being at the top of the list.
  • Using and abusing computing resources outside and beyond their intended usage and design.
  • Exploring the world and eating amazing food from all over.
  • Pineapple on pizza. I’ll die on this hill.
  • Space Sci-Fi shows and movies.
  • RPG games, from SNES to D&D.
  • Hanging out with folks that are into what I’m into.
  • Looking at my electric bass guitar and imagining I’m good at it, but never put in the practice time.
  • Graffiti.
  • Zines.
  • Punk rock. Hard drum and bass. Old school hip-hop.

This Website

This website is running WordPress on a GNU/Linux server in a Vultr VPS. The WordPress theme is custom and written by me. The font is “New Hero,” and I use Adobe Fonts web projects to deliver it to this site. I am a fan of Swiss Style graphic design, and this website is me trying to express that (the fonts, font sizes, minimal colors, and whitespace is purposeful). I used the coolors.co to finalize the color palette, and I only use those colors on this site. I use Cloudflare for DNS and website protection and availability. 

Disclaimer: I use Cloudflare analytics functionality to discern what people browsing this website are interested in or use. I don’t use the information to make money or provide it to any third party.